History Day lined up for 5th October 2013

SADLY THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Event date: Saturday 5th October 2013.  Venue: Scott Bader Commonwealth Centre.  Speakers: Marie Shelton will give an introduction of how the Wollaston Society was formed, Keith Lovell, our Vice President, will give an overview of Wollaston’s history, Barry Robinson will present Wollaston Then and Now, and Peter Woodhams will tell us about the Wollaston Health and Strength Club.  After lunch, participants are invited to visit St Mary’s Church, where Keith Lovell will be on hand to give the history of the church, to visit the Museum and Curiosity Cottage, or to join a led walk around the village.  Or you can enjoy the displays and architecture until everyone returns.  The cost for the whole day is £18, including all refreshments.

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